Samsung Galaxy A (2021) series could feature support for wireless charging

Samsung is struggling to compete against Chinese smartphone makers in the budget and midrange price segment. It has negligible market share in China and is struggling in China. From being a market leader, Samsung has now dropped to #3 in India’s competitive smartphone market. With Realme and Oppo going on an offensive, Samsung needs a new model to fight back. It is doing so by bringing flagship features to the Samsung Galaxy A-series. The Korean company now plans to add wireless charging support to the Galaxy A-series in 20201.

The information comes from the Elec, which cites industry sources for this change. As of now, Samsung offers wireless charging only on its premium flagship smartphones. However, this could change by the end of this year, when Samsung Galaxy A (2021) series goes official. One cannot ignore the fact that Galaxy A-series is gaining popularity in the midrange price segment. With the addition of wireless charging, Samsung will have more features to fight it’s Chinese rivals.

Samsung Galaxy A(2021) to get wireless charging support

However, this is not the first time that we are hearing about this change. Back in 2018, we heard for the first time that Samsung will bring wireless charging to a more affordable price segment. However, the outbreak of pandemic has changed the smartphone market in a big way. The popularity of mid range smartphones is higher than ever before. In fact, Samsung Galaxy A51 emerged as one of the highest selling Android smartphones during the first quarter of this year.

The report further adds that Samsung is discussing its plans with three different suppliers. These suppliers are likely to help Samsung minimize the cost of adding wireless charging to the midrange price segment. These suppliers include Hansol Technics, Amotech, and Chemtronics, who also supply charging coils for flagship Galaxy S20 series. The Elec cites sources claiming that Hansol Technics is leading the charge to supply for Galaxy A-series.

DJ Koh, former president of Samsung Mobile division, has bet on bringing flagship features to the midrange segment. However, Samsung will need to maintain the price in order to succeed. We are already seeing OnePlus facing criticism for increasing the price of its devices. While Samsung may no longer be able to compete in terms of price to performance ratio, it can offer marquee features to woo customers. The long-term success of this strategy is debatable but we might see major change this year.


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