Poco F2 Pro pop-up camera put under nasty durability test by YouTuber; does it survive?

The Poco F2 Pro is one of the most affordable flagship phones of the year. Being a successor to the popular Poco F1, the phone also has a legacy of value-for-money to keep. It certainly does that with its top-level specifications including the Snapdragon 865 SoC. However, many brands cut costs on the quality of parts and materials to make their phones cheaper. Nobody wants that from the new F2 Pro! So, YouTuber JerryRigEverything recently put the phone through its paces in his durability test.

Many elements of durability about the Poco F2 Pro were seen in the test. It was observed that the plastic screen protector on top of the phone’s screen was easy to scratch and went out at level 3 scratches. However, the phone’s screen underneath only took scratches at level 6.

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Further, the Poco F2 Pro ditches the wide-style notch of the Poco F1, which is certainly out of fashion in 2020. However, the new phone doesn’t replace it with a waterdrop or punch-hole style notch. It instead goes with the pop-up camera mechanism that powered flagship phones like the Redmi K30 Pro and the OnePlus 7 Pro. But how durable is the pop-up camera on this device?

Back when the pop-up cameras first appeared on select phones, the durability of such a mechanism that was designed to go up and down multiple times each day was put in question. However, the mechanisms have been getting stronger over time. Check out in the video below what happens to the pop-up camera on the Poco F2 Pro when exposed to extreme pressure.

Poco F2 Pro pop-up camera comes out stronger than expected

We see in the video that the pop-up camera of the Poco F2 Pro works well even after a couple of nasty head-on bumps into hard surfaces. An auto-retract feature on the unit helps with this. However, we also see that a strong thump on the pop-up camera could dislodge the unit from its motorized mechanism. At this point, the camera might not get retracted back inside normally due to the impact. However, we see that after a certain period of time, the camera does indeed re-learn its path and function normally, which is some pretty impressive durability.

That being said, remember that the safest bet is to always keep your phone protected and try not to drop it. While the pop-up camera cannot really be protected due to its design, accessories like a hard case will help protect the internal elements of your device from unforeseen circumstances.

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