OnePlus to now release open beta builds only once a month for these phones; check details

OnePlus has been maintaining its OxygenOS open beta program for years now. The program allows users to try out new OxygenOS update features ahead of time and report any bugs. The update program is a bi-monthly stable release so users get an update twice every month. Now the company has announced a revised plan for the rollout of future OxygenOS updates that will now provide only one update per month.

The reduction in frequency will bring the open betas closer to stable updates which are also released once every 1-2 months. OnePlus says that the adjustment could give more time for work on open beta builds, hence improving their stability. The focus here is on delivering better updates rather than more updates. As a result, even the closed beta numbers have gone from four updates a month to two updates a month.

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The open beta builds for various OnePlus devices are a popular choice for many users across the globe. They bring the latest bleeding-edge in new features to users well ahead of time. However, the builds also feature numerous bugs and glitches sometimes that these users have to deal with. The less frequent updates would mean that users who use the beta program builds will face lesser bugs and glitches.

The Chinese company has released and subsequently taken down flawed builds in the past, which seem like the consequences of schedules that had to be met. While the lesser frequent builds do not guarantee that the open beta versions will be more stable, whether or not this decision actually enhances the end-user experience remains to be seen.

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In other news, OnePlus recently put an end to the beta program for the OnePlus 6 and 6T smartphones. The beta program still continues to operate for the entire OnePlus 7 series and 7T series. Builds for the recently launched OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro are also expected to release soon.


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