OnePlus has the most loyal customers in India at 67 percent: Report

Brand loyalty is actually more important of a concept than most people realize. While most smartphone and tech brands want you to buy their latest devices, ensuring that you stick to the brand is crucial to the companies. That makes sure that when you buy your next phone in a year or two, it comes from the same brand. Now a recent report has revealed what brands in India have managed to retain loyalty from customers the most. The list is topped by names like OnePlus, Apple, and Samsung.

The report by 91Mobiles comes via a survey conducted on over 15,000 smartphone users, as per the publication. The survey reveals that OnePlus has the most loyal brand followers in India. 67 percent of users said that they would stick to OnePlus while buying their next device. The Chinese brand had started small but has since built a big fan base globally owing to their usually powerful phones and clean software.

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This is followed by Apple with 62 percent and Samsung at 59 percent. Though comparatively a later entry in the smartphone game, Realme manages to come fourth on the list with 56 percent. Xiaomi and its sub-brand Poco come fifth and sixth in the list respectively. The brands facing the lowest loyalty are Motorola and Honor, both at just 17 percent. Next is Asus at 22 percent, Nokia at 28 percent and Oppo at 33 percent. Huawei and Vivo make up the other two positions outside the top six, at 35 percent and 36 percent respectively.

Smartphone brands with own ecosystem attract more loyalty

The survey also shows another trend that has been picking up quickly in the country – brand ecosystems. The survey reveals that brands that are developing a local eco-system around their products are placed higher in the list. These include OnePlus, Apple, Samsung, Realme, and Xiaomi, which all have either audio products, wearables, or other accessories that may make users stick to the brand during their next purchase.


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