New affordable OnePlus TV will feature 93% DCI-P3, Dolby Vision certification

OnePlus is launching its affordable smart TVs on July 2 this year. As per company CEO Pete Lau, the upcoming new OnePlus TV will be both smarter and more affordable. Further, a recent blog post by Lau in the OnePlus Forums reveals some more details on the new budget smart TVs. Particularly, the new affordable OnePlus TV will have 93 percent DCI-P3 coverage and will be certified for Dolby Vision like the current OnePlus Q1 series TVs.

As per the post by Lau, DCI-P3 is crucial in the era of HDR video. Since reaching the 100 percent mark is extremely difficult, the brand will be settling with the 93 percent color gamut coverage for the affordable OnePlus TV.

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Further, the company has also developed a suite of technologies as part of its Gamma Engine. Developed to enhance picture quality, Gamma Engine includes a range of processing enhancements including dynamic contrast, MEMC, super-resolution among other elements.

Using its connection with Dolby Labs, the brand is also bringing Dolby Vision certification to the upcoming TVs which will even further upgrade the picture quality on the device. Lau concluded the blog saying that more standards will be raised and expectations will be exceeded by the new OnePlus TVs.

OnePlus TV could be manufactured in India

In other news, it was recently reported that OnePlus and Samsung are planning to manufacture most of their televisions in India soon, instead of importing pre-manufactured sets from overseas. If true, the companies will be making full use of the zero import duties levied by the government on open-call TV panels. Further, locally manufacturing these televisions would also mean Samsung and OnePlus will not face disruptions in the overseas supply chain due to unavoidable circumstances that could take place as a result of the pandemic.

With the brand looking to hit the affordable smart TV segment, every deduction in the price matters for OnePlus when it is going up against players like Realme and Xiaomi, which have a reputation for their aggressive pricing in smartphones, TVs, audio and more. In that respect, bringing manufacturing to India and avoiding the import duties will definitely help the brand.


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