Microsoft rolls out Chromium-based Edge browser with new update

Microsoft users will be getting a new Windows update very soon. And the most important highlight of the update is Microsoft Edge. Yes, the Chromium-based web browser is rolling out to all users. The company is offering the update to users with Windows 10, version 1903 and 1909.

The post points out that with the update, the existing Edge browser will be replaced with new one. You will notice the change in the taskbar and the desktop shortcut app. Microsoft says all the passwords, website URLs from the old browser will be migrated to the Edge browser automatically. And if anyone tries to use the old version, the Windows running on their system will open the new browser.

With this update, the Chromium-based Edge will be available to over billion users on Windows. It has taken Microsoft a long time to make this happen but it’s probably because the browser is ready for the public release. And market studies have given them the confidence with the global roll out. We can finally bid adieu to Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Edge gaining popularity

Microsoft Edge has become the second most popular desktop browser in the world. According to NetMarketShare, it has more users than Mozilla Firefox. This has earned Edge the reputation of being the second most popular desktop browser.  This is the first time that the desktop version of Microsoft Edge has surpassed Mozilla Firefox in terms of market share.

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In comparison, Google Chrome remains the most popular browser in the world with an unassailable lead. It has a market share of 68.5 percent, which puts it ahead of all other browsers combined. Since Edge is now Chromium-based, it gains the advantage of using the extensions available on rival platforms. While it matches Chrome’s performance, the browser also delivers improved battery life.


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