Here’s how to create memes on Windows 10

One of the biggest cultural phenomenon of the modern times are memes. The mode of addressing issues with a pre-conceived visual allegory along with intended text has given rise to meme. And we have noticed that memes can be created out of anything. Which also means that anyone can create memes. And though you may think that creating memes are a difficult business, it really isn’t. Memes can be created on many devices which include smartphone and PCs. And though there are a lot of software out there to create memes, there are some really simple methods as well.

Though you can always look into using complicated software like Photoshop to create memes. One of the more simple ways is to use the Game Bar function that is included with Windows 10. This is rather versatile tool from Microsoft which actually does a lot of things. So here are all the steps to follow to create memes.

How to create memes using the Xbox Game Bar

Step 1. Launch the Game Bar by pressing Win+G keys.

Step 2. Take the screenshot of the content you want to turn into a meme using the screenshot button on the top left corner of the screen in the capture window.

Step 3. Press on the ‘Show all captures’ button under the screenshot button. This will open a new window which will show all the screenshots that you have captured.

Step 4. Here select the one you want to turn into a meme and click on ‘Create a meme’.

Step 5. This will trigger two text boxes, one for the text on top and another for the one on bottom. Enter the desired text here for turning this image into a meme.

Step 6. Click on ‘Save as a Copy’ and voila, your meme has been created. This can be now shared on any platform you prefer.


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