Facebook now allows transfer pictures to Google Photos with this tool

Facebook’s Google Photos transfer tool is now available globally to everyone. Part of a program involving Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Twitter established in 2018, the tool allows users to create copies of all of the photos or videos on Facebook account and transfer them to a linked Google Photos one. The idea is to let users easily transfer their data from one service to another.

“People can access this new tool in Facebook settings within Your Facebook Information, the same place where you can download your information. We have kept privacy and security as top priorities, so all data transferred will be encrypted and people will be asked to enter their password before a transfer is initiated,” the company said in a statement.

To begin transferring Facebook photos and videos to Google Photos, users will first need to go to “Your Facebook Information” in Facebook Settings. Select the ‘Transfer a Copy of Your Photos or Videos’ option and verify identity by entering Facebook password.

Facbook photos transfer tool

In the next screen, one will have to choose Google Photos as the destination from the dropdown. After entering Google Photos password, the transfer will begin, and one will receive a notification once the process is complete.

The tool started rolling out in late 2019 in Ireland and was expanded to Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America in March this year. It further expanded to the US in April.

Meanwhile, Facebook is using its internal R&D team called NPE to launch new-age mobile products. The latest one from the division is called Collab. This app lets users collaborate for making music videos. So unlike TikTok, Collab will let you create original music videos and share them with others.

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The videos on Collab will not be longer than 15 seconds. And clearly this platform is not targeted at the professional musicians. Instead, the app will let anyone create visuals playing an instrument or any object. Interestingly, Collab allows you to share content through Instagram and Facebook. instead of competing with TikTok, it wants people to use their creations and post it on the video platform.

The app is not launching for everyone right away, there’s an invite-only access to the platform for now. Only users in Canada and the US with iPhones can use Collab for the time being.

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