Facebook for Android will soon get dark mode and coronavirus tracking feature

Facebook is getting ready to release the Dark Mode feature into the Facebook application for Android. The social media platform built by Mark Zuckerberg is rumored to have worked on this feature long enough to finally release it on the stable version. In addition, the company is also launching several new features to the Android app including a coronavirus tracking feature and a Quiet Mode.

Previously, the Quiet Mode feature was released by Facebook for iOS earlier this year in April. Meanwhile, the desktop version of Facebook has also recently received the Dark Mode feature. The color scheme of the Dark Mode feature in the mobile application seems similar to the color scheme in the desktop application.

The Dark Mode feature also comes with a toggle that will allow users to choose whether they want to enable or disable this mode. Users can also set it to change as per the system settings. Switching between normal and dark mode depending on what you choose for your entire smartphone.

Facebook for Android: Key features

In addition to using the black color, Facebook’s dark mode has some shades of gray. And a white color scheme (In the text, to highlight dark background) with the traditional blue hue of the platform. Moreover, the company is also changing the design of the ‘Time Spent on Facebook’ feature in the application. As the name implies, this feature will provide information about the duration spent by users accessing social media.

Another addition to the app will be the integration of a tool that informs about the COVID-19 cases near the user’s location and the general number of cases for the country. The data will be updated depending on the time period chosen by the user (e.g., each week). We do not know if this feature will be limited to the United States. And whether it will be a corresponding tool for each country.

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