Apple patents a new glass technology to make iPhone more durable

From the iPhone 2G, announced in 2007, to the iPhone 11 Pro launched last year, Apple smartphones have undergone numerous advancements in terms of its design. For now, it is equally difficult to imagine what Apple can include in its next iPhones to make them much more interesting than previous generations. It seems that any update going forward will be something merely incremental.

However, a new patent registered with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) shows that the next major development of the iPhones may arrive by embracing reinforced glass to increase its resistance. Apple’s new patent details how “Spiral Grain Coatings” technology on the glass structure can make the iPhones more resistant to impact from any scratch or damage. In it, layers of thin fil can be sprayed on the housing using the vapor deposition technique.

Apple iPhones can be much more resistant

This patent envisions a stronger cover glass coating that will offer many benefits, such as adding anti-scratch, anti-reflective properties, and more. The reinforced structure of the glass could have several layers of coating using polycrystalline materials. Its likely implementation will be in the form of an interlaced spiral shape. As seen in the patent diagrams, which shows a spiral band.

Interestingly, the iPhones are not the only devices to which the coating can be applied. Since, Apple can also use the technology in other products (iPad, iMac, MacBook Pro, and even the Apple Watch). Apple recently changed the finish on the back of the iPhone 11-series, applying a frosted glass that, while delivering a firmer grip when holding the device, also ends up making it more prone to scratches and damage.

With the use of this new technology, future iPhones could flaunt a glass technology that is more durable and resistant. However, it is worth noting that Apple files many patents, and most of them never end up in commercial products.


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