UK plans to remove Huawei equipment from its 5G network

A year after the United States government applied restrictions to Huawei in the country, the Trump administration pressed its allies to do the same. Now, it finally seems that the United Kingdom has yielded to that pressure and is preparing to remove the Chinese manufacturer’s equipment from its 5G network.

According to a report in The Financial Times, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson appears to be preparing to withdraw Huawei’s involvement in 5G infrastructure. Nearly five months after he approved Huawei‘s involvement in the project, Johnson seems to have changed his decision. The reported goal is to phase out all Huawei-supplied network equipment from the country’s 5G infrastructure by 2023.

Huawei to be shown the door by the UK in 5G infrastructure

The Daily Telegraph reported that the UK plans to contemplate “zeroing” on the participation of the Chinese equipment manufacturer in the development of its 5G infrastructure networks. And generally end the reliance of the country on China.

”Johnson still wants a relationship with China, but the deal with Huawei will be cut significantly. Officials have given instructed to come up with a plan to reduce Huawei’s involvement as quickly as possible”. An unnamed source told The Telegraph.

Apparently, Boris Johnson is facing immense pressure from conservative MPs who oppose Huawei’s presence on its 5G network. Alleging security risks, while hoping to reduce the country’s dependence on Chinese products. Pressure has intensified in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic after reports emerged that China failed to warn the international community in time to prepare for the crisis.

The plan is also reportedly backed by UK intelligence officials. That states “any risk which the Huawei team could have exploited for mass surveillance should be contained”. Such national security concerns have arisen since 2018, when the U.S. began to suspect alleged espionage by the Chinese government. Through the Huawei and ZTE equipment manufactured in the Asian country.


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