Ubisoft announces Operation Steel Wave for Rainbow Six Siege

The name of the new operation that is set to hit Rainbow Six Siege has been revealed by Ubisoft as Operation Steel Wave. This has been tweeted by the official Rainbow Six Twitter handle. The GIF seems to show broken steel beams and the silhouettes of the two upcoming operators. From this it can be seen that one of the operators is carrying a large backpack.

Previous leaks of Operation Steel Wave have suggested that the first operator of the upcoming season will be a South African who will apparently be called Melusi. She will be a three-armor one-speed op with a Smart Wire gadget. This will act like the Barbed Wire, but it will slow down enemies significantly, deal damage over time, mark gadgets and be immune to melee attacks. She will apparently feature T-5 SMG with an ACOG, ITA12L shotgun, and the RG-15 pistol.

The other op will apparently be called Ace and will hail from Norway. He is an attacker with a “Spider drone’ for a gadget. This will be able to climb walls and ceilings and even dig holes through soft walls. It will also be able to fire health charges to heal allies. He will apparently be sporting C7E and AK-12 rifles, along with SDP 9mm and PMM sidearms.

Other leaks have shown the full teaser trailer of the upcoming season, though we are not sure that these are correct. An elite set for Echo has also been leaked.

House Map rework

Besides this the House map is also being reworked for this new season. A look of this map was revealed when the roadmap for Year 5 was announced. This map is being reworked so it can be added back to the competitive list. “We’re just making it a little bit bigger,” said developer Roy Del Valle at the Six Invitational. “We’re adding an extra set of stairs ⁠— we’re very excited about it.”

The new season was expected to be revealed on May 17, with the Season 11 Pro League finals for Rainbow Six is set to be held. But since that event has been cancelled no new date has been announced. Hence it’s all a speculation when the new season will be revealed.


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