PUBG Mobile adds Lieutenant Parsec Set to the Premium Crate

There’s new addition to the Premium Crate on PUBG Mobile. The devs have added a new Lieutenant Parsec Set to the game which consists of an white armored headgear along with the the set. There’s also a Fission Demolisher Kar98K skin along with the Lieutenant Parsec UAZ, Flashbang, and backpack skin. Like all crates there’s a chance to win these items when you open them. The more rate item, the less chance of getting it as a drop.

PUBG Mobile also added a new Snow Walker Set to the game which is part of the Twilight Hunt crate. This is part of the Twilight Hunt crates which also has attractive white, orange and black highlighted weapon skins. This Snow Walker joins the recently launched Arctic Explorer set that was added to the Lucky Spin section of the game.

This come after the developers recently added the Dark-Ops Agent, Aurora Pulse M16A4 and The Wasteland Survivor to the game. These are all part of different methods of obtaining these items in the game. These includes crate as well as the lucky spin section of the game.

PUBG Mobile: Here is how to get the Snow Walker Set

The Lieutenant Parsec Set like it’s mentioned before is available with the Premium crate. Now this can be found in the crates sections. It should be visible when you open the crates section and highlighted in gold. Now the Premium Crate has chances to get different items, this means you only have a chance of getting the set with time it is opened. The hat and the body parts of the set are different. Opening it once costs 120UC for once while its 1080UC for 10 times.

As for the Naughty Kitty Set ,it is available through the Classic Crates in the game. The set also comes with multiple in-game items. These include the character outfit, Dark-Ops Agent Headgear. PUBG Mobile players need to purchase premium crates to try and win this in-game character skin.


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