OnePlus Launcher v4.4.7 brings a new app switcher and freeform feature; check details

Chinese phone maker OnePlus has recently been focussing on more than just its flagship phones. Apart from a mid-ranger device on the way in the form of the upcoming OnePlus Z, the brand is continuously improving its software. One part of this is the minimalistic yet feature-packed OnePlus Launcher, to which the company has been adding some handy features lately.

One of the two new features lets users quickly jump between all open apps. Meanwhile the other introduces freeform window support to the system. The new app switcher in the update is completely redesigned. The cards of individual apps are now smaller than before and they feature a centered name of the app on top. Further, in the new OnePlus Launcher update, the icon of the app itself sits below the card. There is no overflow menu anymore. Instead, tapping and holding on the app cards will get you the overflow menu options like app info, split-screen, and more.

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Now when you tap and hold the cards in the app switcher in the new OnePlus Launcher update, you will see a new option called freeform. The freeform option allows you to open the app in a new resizable window. Meant for seamless multitasking, the freeform option will likely allow you to run a bunch of these floating freeform windows around, customizing the shape and size of each window on the fly.

However, as per a report by Android Police, the windows are as of now not resizable. Moreover there is as of now no way to use two floating windows together, next to each other. The full functionality of the feature seems to be something that will come in a later update. The new update will gradually come out to OnePlus users as the OnePlus Launcher v4.4.7 update. However, if you still have not received the update, you can head over to APK Mirror and grab the latest apk file.


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