Motorola promises two major Android updates for its $1000 Edge+ smartphone

The Motorola Edge+ is the latest $1,000 flagship phone on the market in 2020, and it pretty much packs several new features up its sleeves. Between the 90Hz screen, 5,000mAh battery with wireless charging, and 108-megapixel main camera, there is a lot to like. The smartphone marks the company’s return to the flagship market since, in recent times, Motorola was investing only in intermediaries.

Unfortunately, one big complaint about the company’s devices, though, is the lack of long-term support and, well, that’s not changing. Motorola has recently confirmed that its Edge+ smartphone will still only get two major Android updates.

When the company promised to update the Edge+ only to Android 11, which will be released this year, many users were disappointed, as they expected a little more than that for the $1000 smartphone. Fortunately, the company is now promising two major Android updates, as the brand seems to have good hopes in a recent official note made available to the Android Authority website.

“We’re excited to share that all Motorola Edge Plus consumers will enjoy a clean Android 10 experience. And would receive at least two Android OS upgrades. We will support with software updates as frequently and for as long as we feel it benefits our consumers.”

This may not come as a surprise since, for quite some time, this has been Motorola’s update model. Unless noted otherwise, most of the company’s smartphones get monthly security patches for 1 year and quarterly patches for a year after that, but only two years of full software support.

Motorola will only provide major platform upgrades for its Android devices for two years. Given Android’s current release schedule, this means that the Edge+ will get no more than 2 major Android updates. Namely, Android 11, and Android 12 (assuming Google sticks with its naming scheme).


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