The Smart Car Mirror: 3 screens in 1

Aston Martin will present a rear-view mirror that emits three video signals at the same time covering different angles.

The Smart Car Mirror 3 screens in 1 Blixbly -

As old as the car itself, the appearance of rear-view mirrors in cars dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, being mentioned in magazines and patented since 1906 no less. And the truth is that in a century they hardly changed their design. They have improved with new technologies and even use digital cameras to cover a wider and sharper viewing angle, but nothing like what Aston Martin is going to present.

A three screen mirror

Since 2015 we are seeing brands like Nissan and Cadillac mount camera-based mirrors. And at the end of 2018 we saw the current technology applied to this element of the car with hybrid mirrors, which with a touch of a button allow you to change the view between the different angles of the car - covered by digital cameras. But what the prestigious firm Aston Martin will present at the CES 2020 event this January goes further: a 3-in-1 rearview mirror, which shows three simultaneous views of the car at the same time.

Called the FDM (Full Display Mirror) and designed together with Gentex Corporation, it is a rear-view mirror that integrates three cameras and allows to display three simultaneous video signals, allowing you to see both the rear of the vehicle and the blind angles of the vehicle at the same time. on each side. In this way you have the entire car covered thanks to 2 cameras integrated in the external rearview mirrors of the car, and a third mounted on the roof.

The Smart Car Mirror 3 screens in 1 blixbly
Three simultaneous video signals on 3 screens at once, the Aston Martin FDM

Aston Martin FDM

If the weather outside is bad and the cars are moving forward with the long lights on, the FDM mirror will automatically regulate the 'flashes' of light from the cars that circulate behind you. And every time you change your position in the seat, the vehicle will change the orientation of the FDM to fit your new posture.

Aston Martin will present its new rear-view mirror at CES in Las Vegas that will start next week, in one of its cars, an Aston Martin DBS Superleggera . And although at the moment it is not known when the triple camera FDMs will be mounted on the cars of the manufacturer, Aston Martin has already integrated a variant of the rearview mirror with only one camera in its Aston Martin 2020 DBS GT Zagato model.

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